About Us

Begun in 2012 as a shared project, MenTOR has developed and grown over the years. Many professional sources as well as those with lived experience have contributed to the content of the group curriculum. The program participated in a province wide network project through the Ministry of Justice from 2016-2018 and was positively evaluated by Simon Fraser University.

Core Values & Beliefs

  • Safety for women, men, and children.
  • Compassion and respect for all.
  • Equality of value, deservedness, capacity, and worth.
  • Relationship centred group.
  • Belief that change is possible.

Current facilitators:

Certified Facilitators

  • Magi Cooper
  • Shawn Fuller
  • Joseph Litman¬†
  • Inti Dewey
  • Vashti Thomas-Wachterman
  • Palwinder Gill
  • Jeff Ferry
  • Marianna Kavanagh
  • Jesus Gonzales
  • Violeta Munoz
  • Margaret Hearth (medical leave)
“I really wish I had learned these things when I was younger”
“I have hope for a better and happier future”

IN METRO VANCOUVER: 604.636.1864

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