Answers to Common Questions

1) Do I have to be referred to the program by a counselor, probation officer or another referrer?

NO. This is a voluntary group and you may inquire by filling out the contact info at the bottom of the page. The group welcomes any man who wishes to learn healthier ways of being in relationship and address his harmful behaviours.

2) Do I have to come to all the sessions?

NO, but it is strongly preferred so you gain the maximum benefit of the group experience. The first 5 sessions are mandatory and if one is missed, the participant will need to do a make up session (meet privately with one of the facilitators to receive the material) prior to the next group session.

We also highly encourage participants to do a make up session if they miss any other weeks as well. As there is a lot of teaching addressed in each session, it will help them keep up with the other participants.

3) Will you talk with my partner?

YES. Because this group focuses on the harm that has been caused to the partners of the participants, it is important that we reach out to your partner to ensure that they have the emotional and professional support they need. We will not discuss anything you say or do within the group with your partner.

4) Can I attend the group even if I am currently separated from my partner?

YES, because the main focus of the group is to help you focus on yourself and how you can learn and grow in a positive way.

5) Is what I share confidential?

YES. Everyone signs a confidentiality agreement as part of the agreement to participate in the group. We create a safe place where men can be authentic with themselves and each other without feeling blame or fear of exposure. The group facilitators will not share anything you say or do in the group with anyone else.

“I’ve gained an ability to clearly and calmly communicate my needs and values”
“I felt welcome and important and found it easy to talk about things in my life without fear or judgement”

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